BricsCAD is used for 2D drafting, 3D modelling, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Sheet Metal.
BricsCAD hosts many specialist applications, eg for civil design, structural steel, vehicle turning paths etc
Throughout a large enterprise or a project consortium, you don't need a suite of programs - just BricsCAD!

BricsCAD Classic is good for 2D drafting and it includes wireframe 3D modelling and the LISP programming language!

BricsCAD Pro adds solid modelling (push-pull 'direct modelling'), rendering with lights and material textures. Pro supports BRX and .NET applications like Civil Site Design, SurvaCAD, StrucPlus, AutoTurn, Parabuild, ADACX and hundreds more.

BricsCAD Platinum adds a geometric constraint solver (parametric solids!). Platinum supports parametric components in assemblies, which can model mechanisms.

BricsCAD BIM is an architectural 3D modeller. Easy 3D Modelling. Linked 2D drawings. Bimify! BimClassifiy! read and write IFC files.

BricsCAD Mechanical for sheet metal models and unfolding, exploded diagrams, BOM.

BricsCAD Ultimate gives you all these tools!

Communicator is a translator allowing to read and write many 3D modelling file formats

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