Steel detailing software

What is Parabuild?

A steel detailing software that allows for fast and easy placement of structural steel as well as the connections between the members.  There is a library of hundreds of steel connections which can be added to as necessary. 


Parabuild is the only structural steel detailing software that allows fully constrained structures.  Connections are created to be ‘flexible’ so the user can adjust them as necessary and save these adjustments for future jobs.


Fast & Intuitive Modelling

For easy detailing of structural steel. Small parts or frame elements like beams, columns, girders, struts, joists, purlins. Use the Context Modeler for maximum productivity. Moving the cursor offers solutions in real time based on cursor location, nearby members and other context.

Context Modeler

Easily Connect Members

Parabuild has a library of hundreds of standard steel connections. Detailing connections is easy; select the members and only valid types are proposed for that situation. The connection is immediately drawn and any changes made are shown instantly on the 3D model.


User-Defined Connections

Every single standard connection was created using tools that are available to any detailer, without programming a single line of code. This was done by using simple geometric rules on members and parts inside template drawings, which means you can create your own connections!


Geometric Constraints

Parabuild is the only structural steel detailing software that allows fully constrained structures. Connections and macros can be constrained in template drawings and then re-used in any project you wish. That can include whole structures, trusses, wind bracing, cladding, stairs, and much more.

Geometric Constraints

Completely Integrated

Most steel detailers are already familiar with AutoCAD or BricsCAD, reducing training investment. Structural steel objects can be modified via the standard commands or using the Object Property Manager, Parabuild objects are integrated as if native AutoCAD/BricsCAD objects. Parabuild uses the dimensioning tools.

AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Collision Detection

Parabuild will automatically detect any collision between parts and show it on the screen. Bolt clearance and hole to edge/hole to hole distances are checked as well.


Auto-Generate Shop Drawings

Automated steel detailing: Parabuild generates quality 2D part and assembly detail drawings directly from the 3D model, which ensures accuracy and avoidance of mistakes. Dimensions and tags are automatically added and AI technology ensures you get good readable placement for the dimensions.

Automatic Drawings

Generate Bill of Materials

Generate any type of BOM in formats Excel, Parabuild spreadsheet or text file. Customize titles, columns, totals, etc… Some default Parabuild BOM types: Single Parts for production/ordering, Assemblies with or without parts, Bolts/Nuts/Washers, Overview of bolt-linked assemblies, including bolts, Cutting list (enumeration per part)

Bill of Materials

Advantages of using Parabuild

Structural steel detailing usually involves models with many parts, which requires producing a lot of drawings and documents so the faster the better. For modeling structural steel it is important to be able to create a wide variety of structure types quickly and accurately, and when revisions are required the model should be easily adaptable.

Parabuild is designed for ease of use, flexibility and efficiency which greatly helps you meet these challenges. Short training times help you be productive sooner, and flexibility and adaptability ensures you can finish more projects quicker without sacrificing accuracy.

We aim to make steel detailing in 3D as easy and efficient as possible so that you can focus your talents on the construction projects themselves, not on the software.