GullyCraft Whirlygig

Sofoco bought a wooden toy whirligig from Robin Mills of GullyCraft in Maiden Gully, Bendigo - a gift.

The whirligig shows Robin's grandpa endlessly cranking his old Ferguson tractor. All the wooden parts are beautifully made and painted, glued and screwed with stainless screws and running on sealed ball bearings.

I decided to model this little machine in BricsCAD Platinum, making all the parts as Mechanical Components and Assemblies. For example, the wind turbine has four Blade components, each with a 'BladeShaft' and 'Wing' component. The Tractor has four parametric Wheels, each with a Hub and Tyre. Big Wheels and small Wheels are the same component with different parameters.
The metal hardware was added from the BricsCAD Mechanical library. Geometric Constraints were used to link the moving parts, so that Grandpa holds onto the crank.

With help from Bricsys developers I got a LISP program to advance the turbine in five degree increments and RENDER each position. Then I mashed all the rendered images into a single animated gif file.