Australia Parabuild Library

We've made a library of Australian ("BHP") Steel Profiles and ASI Standard Connections macros. The library comes as an installer, which puts the different profile and macro files into the correct Parabuild folders.

We'll update this library from time to time, so check back here for the latest version.

When installing the library, choose the main Parabuild folder.
(By default this is on the C drive called Parabuild V3)

We have made a drop-down menu for Parabuild that can be added by doing the following:
1. Go to the "Tools" drop-down menu and select "Customize"
2. Select "File" and "Load partial CUI File"
3. Navigate to the Parabuild V3 folder (by default this should be on the C-Drive) and select "SofocoParabuildMenu.cui" and click open.
4. Click Ok in the customize window and the new drop-down menu should be available.