The BricsCAD April Roadshow

The BricsCAD April Roadshow!

BricsCAD has become a fantastic design platform, suitable for almost every engineer, architect and constructor. Learn how BricsCAD's different versions and plug-in applications take us into every industry. We will show how one affordable package with one file format can cover a range of tasks normally requiring a whole suite of the other guys' software.

The morning is for leaders and decision makers. We will have short formal presentations about BricsCAD V18 and key applications in civil, mechanical and BIM disciplines. In the afternoon we can get into the details with informal discussions and one on one sessions.

Book your seat now:
AUCKLAND - 9 April 2018
CHRISTCHURCH- 11 April 2018
MELBOURNE - 17 April 2018
SYDNEY- 18 April 2018
BRISBANE- 19 April 2018