What can you do with BricsCAD? (mostly everything!)

What can you do with BricsCAD? Nearly every kind of design!

2D Drafting
BricsCAD Classic has all the familiar 2D drafting tools. Classic can attach raster images. It can also run LISP applications.

A/V Cabling for TV studios?
tvCAD from CAD bloke

3D modelling and applications support
BricsCAD Pro is like full AutoCAD for a fraction of the price. Pro includes 3D solid modelling and rendering. Pro supports ARX/BRX and .NET applications across many disciplines.

SurvaCAD is used for Survey Plan Drafting in Queensland

IrriCAD is a world-leading irrigation design software from Lincoln Agritech

Architectural sketch design
BricsCAD SHAPE is FREE! Real ACIS solid modelling in DWG files and a brilliantly simple user interface. Did I mention it's FREE?

BricsCAD BIM supports 3D architectural modelling, drawing generation from 3D models and IFC import/export.

Asset Management
ADACX is used to record buried pipes and other infrastructure. ADAC standard XML files can be exported to city councils for their GIS archives.

Civil Engineering
Civil Site Design from Civil Survey Solutions
AutoTurn from Transoft Solutions
AutoPath from Cad Concepts

Structural Engineering

Plant Design

3D COnstructor from WWS

Mechanical Engineering
BricsCAD Platinum adds 3D geometric constraints and parameters to the .DWG world. Model assemblies with inverse kinematics, exploded diagrams, bill of materials etc.

Sheet Metal
In just a few years, Bricsys has created the best sheet metal software ever. Design it one way then rework it to suit preferred manufacturing methods. Our Sheet Metal module is now bundled with LVD laser cutter and brake presses!