Welcome to Sofoco

Hi! This is the website of Sofoco - Official BricsCAD resellers in Australia since 2006.

Testimonial from Bill Smith
(Production Manager, SheetMetal
Jemal Products - 5 Forge St Welshpool 6106)

"It has been a pleasure to deal with Damian from Sofoco. From the first contact Damian showed himself to be interested in our needs & the purpose for our interest in Bricscad. We of course were one of the many looking for an alternative to “The Name” because of lack of support, rising costs & changing licensing. Damian answered all of these questions and more with the conviction that his product would stand against and compete on every level, with the added benefit of being easier to use.

We purchased Bricscad V19 Mechanical for the Sheet Metal and Modeling advantages it offered. I had never used 3D cad previously but the changing needs of our customers and their products required it. The learning curve with Damian’s assistance went a lot smoother than I expected and even lead us to buying a 3D printer to prototype some small specialised components. We couldn’t speak too highly of Damian and the assistance and support he has given, sadly it has become a rare thing."